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Ufone now start looting its customers by imposing tax on every balance check

Friday, July 31, 2009 Leave a Comment

One of the leading cellular service of Pakistan which has more than 30 million customers now starts a new way of getting money from its customers which is by imposing a 10 paisa plus tax on each time the user of Ufone will check its balance from today, August 01.

At one end this cellular network is spending a huge amount of money on advertising in which they are telling the people of Pakistan that they are providing the cheapest call and SMS rates in the country and on other end they imposed this new tax to get more money from users.

The customers of Ufone don’t even know that this new balance check tax has been imposed on them because Ufone has not send any text message which they normally send when they introduce new package.

Most of the cell users do check their balance after each call they made and if they never heard from any where then they might cannot able to notice that their each balance check is providing a 10 paisa profit to Ufone.

One more thing needs the attention of the respective authorities that what these cellular companies are showing in their advertising is not something which actually is.

One of the example is Mobilinks new Day package starts from morning 09:00 to evening 05:00, in which they said in their advertising that they will deduct 4 rupees each day from the one who will activate this package but in reality they are deducting 7 rupees each day.

Alas! As yet there is no check on these companies and these companies are totally in love with the profit they are getting from the People of Pakistan.