PML-N demands resignation from Shumaila Rana

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 Leave a Comment

PML-N has demanded resignation from its member provincial Assembly Shumaila Rana due to her involvement in scam case.

Investigative team of PML-N has urged on its member provincial assembly Shumaila Rana to put forward her resignation letter, as her scam case has raised question regarding party’s credibility.

While member provincial assembly Shumaila Rana after refusing to give her resignation from membership of provincial assembly has asked for two-days time by stating that a conspiracy has been designed against her to malign the party as well as for her character assassination.

While investigation team of PML-N has affirmed that if, she was innocent then she has to face the media to prove her innocence and central leader of PML-N Zulifqar Khosa has stated that the decision to seek resignation from Shumaila Rana was taken owing to her failure to prove her innocence.