Balochistan professors and lecturers protest target killing of teachers

Saturday, July 25, 2009 Leave a Comment

The professors and lecturers association of Balochistan have strongly protested against the prevalent target killing of teachers in the Province.

Classes and lectures were boycotted, forcing educational institutions to close down automatically, while teachers wore black belts around their arms and hoisted black flags over their respective educational institutions.

It is pertinent to not that Balochistan professors and lecturers association had already announced 3-day boycott and protest, over target killing of Degree Collage professor, Ghulam Sarwar on Friday on Saryab Road.

The meeting of the association, convened by Muhammad Nawaz Soomro, declared the killing of hapless professor as a deep-rooted conspiracy to edge the Province into abyss of backwardness.

He warned the government to assure the safety of professors, lest they abandoned their teaching profession and come out in streets for their rights.


  • Sikander Hayat said:  

    Trouble with Balochistan is more demographic than anything else and it seems as if Baloch are fighting a battle against the demographics which is already lost.