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Audio tape of Shumaila Rana talk with bank reveal

Thursday, July 23, 2009 Leave a Comment

The local bank has revealed the audio tape of Shumaila Rana and the bank staff in which she was asking the information about the credit card she used.

According to details the local bank has given an audio tape to police in which the MPA Shumaila Rana was asking the last date of the credit card which she latter used to buy jewellery for her.

The audio tape revealed that when bank staff tried to ask the date of birth of Zara Malik, she (Shumaila Rana) asked them to hold but latter she disconnected the line.

At the same time the shopkeeper of the shop where the MPA purchased jewellery; has also told that she called to bank from his shop.

It is not clear that Shumaila Rana is involved in credit card scandal and also hoped that after this audio proof the PMLN will demand resignation from her.