Rehman Malik cannot able to recite “Sorah Ikhlas”

Thursday, June 25, 2009 Leave a Comment

Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik cannot able to recite “Sorah-e-Ikhlas” while offering fatiha (pray for dead people) for the victims of Swat and Malakand in National Assembly.

Interior Minister of “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” while offering fatiha, missed some words of Sorah-e-Ikhlas which the other member of assembly objected and on their objection the deputy speaker of Assembly ordered to offer Fatiha again. Federal Minister for Parliamentary affairs Dr. Baber Awan, offers Fatiha again.

According to details Rehman Malik while giving speech in National Assembly said that before I start my speech I would like to offer Fatiha for the victims of Malakand and Swat, on this a member of National Assembly Hanif Abbasi asked him to pray himself.

Malik starts reciting Sorah Ikhlas but some of the words during the pray were wrong which the members of assembly noted and asked the speaker to offer the pray again on which Baber Awan stands and offers pray again and after that Rehman Malik started his speech.