Musharraf rejects Nawaz allegations in connection with Kargil episode

Friday, June 26, 2009 Leave a Comment

Former President Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf has strongly rejected the allegations leveled on him by Mian Nawaz Sharif in connection with Kargil episode.

In an exclusive interview with private TV Channel, Pervez Musharraf reiterated his resolve that he was confident at what had he done during his eight-year rule, as all his measures and step for the greater national interests.

Pervez Musharraf said that if any case was lodged against him in connection with Akbar Bugti killing, military cop on Nawaz led government or challenging 3rd November act then he is ready to face it. “However, it would be premature to say thing in this connection, “ he added.
He said that he had neither sent Nawaz Sharif to US nor he had given him the advice to withdraw forces from Kargil.

While responding to a question regarding Pak-India dialogues he said that he was still abiding by his stance that he will not comprise on principles. Musharraf said that it is totally wrong impression that army was hurdle in the solution of Kashmir issue, which according to his claim was about to solve and every thing was finalized.

He said that a joint Communiqué was also ready but unfortunately, Indian parliament had not approved it. He said that they had convinced the entire leadership in Kashmir except Ali Gilani about the four-point formula.

He said that all three parties “Pakistan-India-Kashmir” must have a cohesive, joint consensus for a durable and lasting solution of the core issue of Kashmir, adding that the people of Pakistan, India and Kashmir would have to give and take something for the lingering issue of Kashmir.
While terming referendum against Chief Justice a constitutional step he confessed that he had committed some mistake to find amicable solution of the issue.

Musharraf said that there may have been some rigging in 18th February 2008 election on behalf of Election Commission of Pakistan but it would be better to forget these outdated things and embrace election results.

Similarly, while talking about the increasing terrorism after 18th February and ongoing military operation in Swat Musharraf said that army had restricted Fazlullah and his comrades to the Shangla mountains during his era and removed Sufi Mohammad from the scene but after the election the ruling government released Sufi Muhammad and Fazlullah once again started its campaign against the government by setting up his FM Radio.

He said that if government continue to work upon the polices of previous government then this situation would definitely be different.