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Muslims issue Fatwa against Shahrukh Khan for his statement against Islam

Sunday, June 21, 2009 Leave a Comment

Two Muslim religious centers here today issued fatwas against Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan for his words against Prophet Mohammad.

Shahrukh khan in an SMS message to BBC has denied the allegation against him and said it was a writing error.

Muslims all around the world had criticized SRK and staged protests against Khan and burnt his effigy.

Mufti Motiur Rahman Rizvi of Darul-Ulum Majehar Islam and chief Mufti Mohammad Suyeb Raza Kadri of another organisation have issued seperate fatwas against the actor saying that ''he cannot remain in Islam after given statement against 'Paigamber'.'' They added that his wife's 'nikah' would also be considered illegal and his relationship with her was not legal.

The fatwa further said the actor should immediately seek public apology or he would not get a place in the graveyard.'' Earlier, a criminal case had also been registered against Khan in Mumbai for allegedly making comments about Prophet Mohammad but the actor had claimed that it was a writing error and not a thought or view that he believed in. In the July issue of the 'Time and Style' magazine, Rukh has been reported using objectionable language against the Prophet which striped the controversy.