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There is something that these leaders of our`s know about Pakistan which we don`t

Sunday, September 21, 2008 Leave a Comment

A Worrying Question

I was invited for a dinner by my colleague who is a British born Pakistani. An Indian Muslim doctor was also a guest. As per usual the conversation trickled towards what was happening in Pakistan.

The Indian doctor said something which made me feel very small. He said: “When the leaders of a country start buying properties outside the country and their children get educated and stay abroad, then the people of the country should know that there is something seriously wrong with the country which the leaders know but are not telling the people of the country.”

He continued, “In India, it is unheard of that even the most corrupt leader has acquired any property broad. Even mega stars like Amitabh and Shah Rukh Khan, sportsmen like Gavasker and Dhoni, singers like Lata and Asha do not any have properties or businesses outside India. You, Pakistanis, should really and seriously start asking your leadership - WHAT IS IT ABOUT PAKISTAN THAT THEY KNOW AND YOU, THE PEOPLE, DON`T? Why do they live abroad while doing politics in Pakistan????

“While he was saying this, I was thinking of Zardari coming to meet Nawaz in his hotel in Dubai driving his Rolls Royce deciding the fate of 170 million Pakistanis and then planning to fly to London to meet another Pakistani leader living in London and leading the most literate Pakistanis from there. Most of the children of these people including the President of Pakistan live in Europe, USA and Dubai with properties across the globe…….

There is something that these leaders of our`s know about Pakistan which we don`t