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On 8 Jan. 2008, when President Musharraf was in Multan to open a new PTV channel in Seraiki, president’s security entourage noticed that Secretary Information and Chairman PTV Syed Anwar Mahmood and MD PTV Yousaf Baig Mirza slipped out of their hotel rooms after midnight to spend time in a room that was not on the list of the officially booked rooms for the guests of the ceremony. Secretary Information and MD PTV thought no one knew what they were doing.

What they do not know is that almost the entire Caretaker cabinet ministers or at least those who interact with PTV, came to know next day what was going on. Both gentlemen went to spend time with a young, twenty-something female anchorperson of PTV. Her name is Saadia Afzaal, is a divorced tall and skinny girl who joined PTV a few years back traveling in public transport wagons that ply the roads of capital. But now this young girl receives a monthly salary of Rs. 1,50,000 in addition to highest bonuses in the history of PTV for someone like her worth Rs. 1,00,000, and Rs. 5,600 as telephone allowance. Other newly hired girls, bimbos who don’t know wat ‘news’ is, have been hired for having great ‘assets’. Saadia Afzaal is getting all that money that belongs to the people All this to do a show on TV maybe 2 or 3 times a month. But obviously it is the private shows that really matter.

This is the true story of what is happening at PTV right now where people appointed by Chaudhry Pervez Illahi and President Musharraf have turned Pakistan’s so-called family channel into a ‘whore’ channel and where the news and current affairs department has become the ‘Boobs and Pussy Department’ where you cannot get job if you are a man. A woman can only prosper by using her body more than her mind or brain.

Employees of PTV of all ranks and file openly whisper about these things. You dont have to be investigator to discover these details. I have been first hand witness of what is going on and how a young Pakistani girl can’t progress in PTV without paying sexual favours to four horny bosses at PTV that included Secretary Information (now retired) MD PTV, Director of Current Affairs (DCA) and Chief Editor.

All of them are still in their seats despite change of government except Anwar Mahmood who retired. Someone will say these types of things always happen everywhere. But in PTV Secretary Information and MD PTV never dared do this kind of things publicly and opanly. What made them now do it so boldly is the appointment of a professional ‘pimp’ to do the dirty job of hiring girls and sending them to government high-ups. This professional ‘pimp’ is Agha Masood Shorish, director of current affairs (DCA) at PTV News.

Shorish survived in PTV for five years without any knowledge in TV work simply because of his talents in procuring girls for key senior people. His father was an anti-Bhutto newspaper editor and he himself was appointed in this key position at state channel by none other than Chaudhry Pervez Ellahi and Chaudhry Shujaat Hussian who continually protected Shorish during their government. I am not sure if both of them also received sexual favours from Shorish and I frankly have no proof. They just appointed this man Shorish and then did not interfere. And then to survive without any real expertise in TV work or in journalism Shorish came up with a novel way to secure his job through pimping. He was doing it so discreetly over the past 5 years that no one at PTV really knew about it.

But this all changed in 10 April 2007 when Yousaf Baig Mirza took charge as MD PTV. Baig has a reputation for womanizing. He is a relative of Shahbaz Sharif and was appointed as MD PTV during the government of Nawaz Sharif. When Parvez Musharraf seized power Baig was retained in his post by Anwar Mahmood another longtime secret womanizer. All three of them – Agha Shorish, Yousaf Baig Mirza, Anwar Mahmood – never practised their womanizing openly.

PTV was clean of this dirt until April 2007, the month of the appointment of MD PTV. Secretary Information and MDPTV discovered that Agha Shorish was very bold and courageous in openly hiring and escorting young girls at his spacious PTV office. Shorish had no problem in having three or four young girls hanging around for hours in his office at all times. Employees coming to his office to sign papers were shocked at how these girls are so confident and freely order what they want, make telephone calls.

KFC and Pizza Hut is ordered for them on PTV’s expense. When President Musharraf made his last speech at National Library auditorium in Islamabad before the elections, on 14 February 2008, Shorish walked inside the hall of the auditorium with four or five girls surrounding him. He arrived late and made sure all the senior government officials saw him parading his girls in front of the occupants of the front row seats.

Seeing how bold Shorish is, both secretary Anwar Mahmood and MD Yousaf Baig developed special liking for him. Through Shorish, both of them got passed many favours for their other ‘women friends’ in other departments of PTV whom they could not dare sign paperwork giving them favours. But thanks to Shorish, he was willing to sign any paper giving any favours to any female employee on the mere phone call of the Secretary or the MD without any questions asked.

As it became clear that the government of Gujrat Chaudhrys was coming to end, Shorish intensified his effort to ensure he was not removed from his luxurious seat by making his newly hired girls give special favours to the bosses, like the one he arranged on the occasion of the opening of the Multan Centre of PTV.

Shorish applied for sick leave on 7 and 8 March 2008. Everyone in Current Affairs Department of PTV was surprised that their head was taking a sick leave during an important live TV coverage for the president. Little did they know that he was busy arranging for some fun on the sidelines of the important event in Multan. This scumbaf Shorish spent the past five years not learning one thing about journalism or TV work.

He just made maximum number of contacts and PR work. At one point, MD PTV was so annoyed by this that he banned Shorish from going to Presidency to shoot president programs because did nothing there except make new contacts. No professional journalist and proud Pakistani girl can permit working in this environment.

Since April 2007 PTV current affairs has become den of sex when everyone in Pakistan was busy in judicial crisis PTV management was busy in sex. The management has been protecting the pimp and his other hired girls so much that regular PTV anchorpersons have started openly complaining.

Most recently Saleem Safi a renowned columnist and anchor of the show Saleem Safi Kay Saath on PTV refused to work for PTV and do any shows as long as the pimp was around. He conveyed this directly to MD PTV and other seniors. But Saleem who cares about you. You don’t have a nice chest my friend. Also Ahmad Quraishi and Israr Kassana have resigned due to same reason. Kamran Shahid who is an excellent host has openly warned his bosses why they are giving special favours to girls while hardworking people like him get nothing. This is the result of 8 yrs of enlightend moderation


  • Syed Anwar Mehmood said:  

    Dear Friends,

    When I sent you my last e.mail, I received some supporting replies from my colleagues. But, 95% of replies were full of criticism against me and some even with slurs and foul language. Then, I received some anonymous threatening phone calls to be ready to face the consequences of injustice done to various people during my tenure as Secretary. All this resulted in scary dreams at night for. My family and I feel insecure these days.

    I was visiting a friend of mine, some senior bureaucrat, at his office the other day and a staff member of Ministry of Information passed by. He gave me such an ugly look and intentionally spitted towards me. I have now realized that majority of staff and officers of Ministry of I. & B. don’t like me.

    My conscious blames me for all I have done with my junior colleagues during my service. So, I, Syed Anwar Mehmood, former Secretary Information and Broadcasting, hereby want to make a number of confessions.
    My ladder to success
    • I was groomed by the clever personalities like Salman Farooqi and Capt. Esani with whom I served at the Prime Minister's Secretariat as Press Secretary to Prime Minister Junejo. Later, our gang scattered and we served in different departments and benefited ourselves from the national exchequer.
    • During Benazir's first tenure I tried to associate myself with Asif Zardari but failed due to my past's exposure.
    • I later joined the Nawaz Sharif camp and became Press Secretary to the Prime Minister.
    • During Nawaz Sharif-Ghulam Ishaq tussle of 1993 I became staunch CHAMCHA of the Sharifs and was later awarded the PIOship. During Nawaz's second tenure I got lucrative postings in the Information Ministry. I used to regularly visit ABBA JEE at Sharif’s Raiwind farm.
    • When Pervez Musharraf came into power in 1999, I turned my coat and exploited my 'Urdu speaking card' and got out of turn promotion and became the Additional Secretary in-charge of the Ministry of Information. By using various sources, like AMMAJEE (Mush’s mother) and Tariq Aziz etc., I finally managed to become the Secretary of the Ministry.
    • I betrayed all my benefactors, whether it was Pervez Ahmed (former PIO), Channa (Junejo’s PRO), Khawaja Ijaz Sarwar, Farhatullah Babar Asif Ali Zardari, or Nawaz Sharif. I used them for my personal elevations.
    • Journalists like Saud Sahir, Asr Chuhan and Saleh Zafar acted as my agents in the media community. I showered all types of monetary benefits on them from the Secret Fund.
    • I moved the idea of establishing Media University. As per my original plan I wanted to occupy the highest post in the proposed University after my retirement.
    My Sexual encounters:
    • While serving in PIA in early 80’s, I was caught naked with one air hostess. Due to this incident I was transferred back to Ministry of Information.
    • While serving as second secretary/ press attaché at Pakistan High Commission in Canada, I along with a colleague from Foreign Office used to hire escorts. Once both of us were caught red-handed by the wife of then Ambassador.
    • I was caught red handed kissing a lady colleague in PID in 1988 while I was serving there as DPIO (Senior). The stenographer who saw me had to face the punishment of transfer at the worst place in PID.
    • My wife Nayyar Mehmood was always very helpful in supply of beautiful newly appointed chicks of PBC for my sexual fantasies.
    • Let me also confess that my wife had lesbian relations with a number of PBC girls, one of them was Saira of Multan station.
    • During my posting as Press Secretary to PM Nawaz Sharif I managed to get hold of a lady officer of Information Service serving at the PM Secretariat.
    • As DG (EP) I molested a number of lady officers, including the one who was sent to Hong Kong. She was always offered foreign posting on gold plate but some times she refused even to go at lucrative stations.
    • As Secretary Information, the list of my girl friends, is quite long but some of the names are well known, like Kausar Lodhi, Abida Shah, Mrs. Riaz, Shahida Lateef, etc. etc.
    • I had links with a number of journalists who were known pimps in higher circles. Mr. Beg of PTV, Sohail Rana, and some others were very helpful in satisfying my sexual fantasies with variety of stuff available at their disposal.
    • I used to visit various dens of Afghan women in the Khanna Pul area in Rawalpindi. Once, an officer of PID who was also a regular visitor to that place caught me red handed. I had to offer him foreign posting as a price to shut his month.
    • From secret fund money, I gifted two air conditioners to my Afghani girl friends- Mahjabeen and Pari Jan- in Peshawar. These air conditioners were got delivered at their house through Regional Office of PID.
    • During a visit to Multan, I along with MD, PTV had group sex with one PTV lady artist. We went there in connection with inauguration of PTV boaster near Multan.
    • As Secretary Health, I molested a number of newly appointed nurses of PIMS and Poly Clinic. Two nurses, Shahida and Naureen, used to live in my official residence in the name of physiotherapy of my wife.
    • The main reason of my tussle with federal minister Shaikh Rasheed was an Afghani girl, who was liked by both of us.
    Harming juniors:
    • My ways of punishing my juniors included: posting at odd stations like Multan and Gilgit, sending officers on forced leaves, depriving them of foreign postings and promotions, uttering negative remarks against them in their absence, etc. etc. I used these tactics frequently against the officers and even the staff I disliked.
    • Though my entire service is full of destroying careers of my juniors I disliked– and I felt pleasure in it- but I feel myself responsible for the untimely deaths of Nasir Khan and Ikramullah Jan. Nasir Khan died due to his punishment posting at Gilgit and Ikramullah Jan was denied promotion just because of my dislike.
    • Similarly, Rana Mohammad Sharif faced all mental and physical troubles due to my mental torture against him. When I was in PIA, he, as director advertisement in PID, refused to tow to my line. So I made his life miserable after becoming Secy. Information.
    • I was well aware that majority of Information service officers was not willing to bid me farewell when I was transferred from Information to Health ministry. After my return to Information, I took revenge from those officers who, according to my informers, refused to donate money for my farewell party.
    • It was on my orders that the system of selection of staff for posting abroad was changed. I introduced the idea of selection of non-ministerial staff for posting abroad. In this way, my chums from departments like PID, ISA, DFP got selected.
    Grooming corrupt and incompetent people:
    • Chaudhry Idris of PID was patronized by me. He was my share holder in disposal of a major part of secret fund account. He worked as my informer on various officers of the service. He was provided all facilities he desired. In recognition of his services for myself, he was given job on contract basis after his retirement from PID. Does not it sound funny that he is employed against a post in the PTVc but serving in the PID. This was all my arrangement.
    • I tried to persuade my Additional Secretary, Mr. Ehsan Yousaf to destroy the career of an officer by writing a negative ACR. On his reluctance, I had to get him transferred from my Ministry.
    • After the exit of Ehsan Yousaf, I brought a man of my choice as A.S.; a man who is Islamic minded and offers five time daily prayers but from inside was poisonous like me.
    • I groomed inefficient and corrupt officials and officers in the Ministry and its subordinate offices. Such gang was very effective in my ladder to success.
    • It was me who saved one member of my group who was involved in gang-rape of a PTV girl.
    • I started a consultancy firm during my tenure as Secretary to the Government of Pakistan. All the media consultancy projects of Ministries of health, Information and Broadcasting, their allied departments and corporations, as well as other government offices were given to this firm. After my retirement from service I have re-named it as “SAM & BILL” and I want to continue minting money in the name of consultancy.
    • I setup a mechanism of secret informers in each department and corporation under my Ministry. In this way, I was able to know behind the scene activities there.
    • I used foreign postings as a tool to bribe my stooges.
    • On my orders the foreign posting tenures of Fayaz, who is serving in Jeddah, and Zahoor who is in New York, were extended. The reason was very simple, I received beautiful gifts from them.
    • Waheed (Chitta) of PID, who was my informer there, was accommodated by me after his retirement in the Ministry of Health as DSO.
    • It was me who sent Javed, an Assistant in my office, on foreign posting despite the fact that he could not qualify the selection test and interview.
    • Another foreign posting was that of Imran Naseer, an Assistant of PID, whose father Naseer served me as PS during my tenure as PIO. I offered him the posting of his choice.
    • I also gave a job to Mr. Naseer’s younger son, Yasir in the PID.
    • It was me who groomed Urdu-speaking Anwar Ali a BS- 19 officer serving in the PM’s Secretariat. He always protected my interests in the PM’s Secretariat.
    • I managed foreign posting for Chaudhry Rasheed but he rejected my offer to continue as PIO. I felt insulted on his reaction.
    • I always promoted my gang members in the Information service; whether it was under BEST OF THE BEST formula or the new promotion policy. I managed to get my blue eyed boys (and girls) occupy pivotal positions in the Ministry.
    • I used my influence for getting a handsome job for my daughter in the American Broadcasting Corporation.
    • I appointed a number of persons in PBC on contract basis. One of them was Ms. Dilnasheen, a very very pleasant personality.
    • It was just because of my official position as Secretary Information that my wife Nayar Mehmood got out of turn promotions in PBC. For the purpose a number of talented officers were sacrificed. I wanted to see her elevated up to the position of DG, PBC.

    Misuse of national exchequer:
    • I misused Secret Funds of the Government of Pakistan for my personal benefits. All my DSOs know this. That is why I sent all of them on foreign postings so that they remain out of country and keep their bloody moths shut.
    • The owner of Imbaco Furniture (located near Zero Point) was my man in making money in the name of renovations of various offices and supply of furniture to the Ministries of I & B and Health. I recommended this supplier to all other related departments.
    • Through an Urdu speaking supplier of Pak PWD I managed to get a fancy chandelier (Fanoos) for my personal house.
    • Knowing that the officers and staff of the Ministry and its subordinate offices were least willing to bid me farewell at the time of my departure as Secretary Information last month, I hatched a plan with the connivance of my limited number of supporters. Under this scheme, a number of farewell parties were hosted in my own honour through public money. The invitation cards for such parties did not mention any thing about me. In this way we managed to get good gatherings which provided my gang a photo and news opportunity in my favour.
    • It was through the secret funds available at my disposal that I managed to get my son educated in a costly Canadian university.
    • In the name of OPF School, in H-9 sector, I minted millions of rupees from the budget of Radio Pakistan.
    • During my tenure as Secretary I organized a number of musical evenings at my residence in which high-ups were invited. All this was done on government expenses but projected as personal effort.
    • For such musical evenings, Idris of PID used to arrange catering service of Rajput and another official of PID, Saleem, was deputed to bring sound system available in the PID Press Room.
    • I made crores of rupees by launching various projects in the name of souvenirs and gifts for projection of Pakistan abroad. In this game the husband of a lady officer of Information Service (Mr. Waseem of Karachi) was my partner.
    • As Secretary Health I took bribes of crores of rupees from national and international pharmaceutical companies.
    • A percentage was set with the newspapers owners for ABC and release of PID advertisements. That percentage was meant for Secretary Information’s account only. That is why I always used to depute Directors Advertisement and ABC persons of my confidence.
    My anti-Pakistan and pro-Musharraf activities:
    • It was me who maneuvered the written affidavit/ statement of an officer of Information Ministry against Chief Justice Iftikhar Chadhry. The statement became part of the reference against the former chief justice and I got appreciation by President Musharraf for my contribution.
    • The officer concerned was selected for foreign posting for offering this statement.
    • On May 12, 2007 I was the one in the Ministry of Information who initiated action for closure of AAJ TV channel. While MQM workers were firing at AAJ TV offices in Karachi I was directly in touch with both President Musharraf in Islamabad and Altaf Bhai in London. In consultation with my new GURUs I devised a plan to control private TV channels in the country. What happened afterwards was actually my brain child duly approved by the President as well as my MQM chief.
    • Ahmed Qureshi, a journalist from Kuwait and a staunch CHAMCHA of President Musharraf, was accommodated on my orders in the PTVc on handsome salary and other fringe benefits. His website, which promotes the cause of President Musharraf, was also supported by me through secret fund money.
    • It was with the blessings of my latest godfather General Pervez Musharraf that I got the post of Secretary of Information. Both of us have MQM links so our families became quite closer.
    • I approached Canadian government, without informing the government of Pakistan, for obtaining Canadian citizenship of my son, who was born during my posting there. Finally, we got it.

    Some more things about me:
    • I was born in a very poor Bihari family settled in former East Pakistan. My father was a clerk in the Railway Department.
    • I was caught cheating in M.A. examination of Dhaka University. I was rusticated from the University for this crime.
    • I was also involved in gang raping of many Bangali women during East Pakistan separation. I used to work with Al-Badr organization of Jamat-e-Islami.
    • A PID officer who was also Bihari knew all this. So I had to do some favours with him.
    • Because of this background, my candidature as Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Bangladesh was rejected by both the Government of Bangladesh as well as the Pakistan Foreign Office.

    My dear brothers and sisters!
    While confessing all these immoral activities and crimes I really feel ashamed before you. Nonetheless, a big burden on my conscious is removed now.
    Please pray to God for my forgiveness and my future prosperity. Due to all these negative tactics used by me during my service career you can describe me as a Machiavelli or Chankya of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

    I also seek apologies from the Pakistani nation that from the tax payers’ money I was able to start the business of SAM & BILL, which implies “Syed Anwar Mehmood and Bilal (my son).” Though it is a looted money but I want to use a proportion of my income for the poor people of this country so that my conscious is satisfied.

    Syed Anwar Mehmood,
    Former Secretary Information,
    Government of Pakistan

  • Jamaal said:  

    this is a lie posted by a coward who does not have the courage or guts to perform this slander directly, because they would surely be sued for defamation against an honest person. It is most likely written by an under achieving corrupt official who was rightly passed over or exposed for being corrupt, and now he does not have the courage to come out and say these lies in-person. I challenge the person who wrote this, pretending to be Anwar Mahmood, to come out in public, and have the guts to expose himself if he has even a smidgen of self-respect - instead you hide in your corner, licking your wounds over your unfulfilled and corrupt life - I pity you.