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Wanted terrorist Abdullah Shah Mehsud nabbed, 5 villages cleared: ISPR

Thursday, November 26, 2009 Leave a Comment

Security forces apprehended wanted terrorist Abdullah Shah Mehsud with Rs. 10 million head money from Tank (the head money has been paid to the informer).

According to ISPR, Security forces cleared village Bangi Wal, Janata, village Kunj Mela, Zawar Killi, Gund and Umar Raghzai.

Security forces cleared 60 houses at village Shahu and defused 10 IEDs and apprehended 4 suspects.

Security forces carried out sanitization of Spin Kot, Sharkai Sar near Kot Langar Khel and Narakai.

Security forces established link up at Khuni Mor and Sarwekai and defused 15 IEDs.

Security forces carried out consolidation of their positions at village Behram Shah near Laki Ghund. Security forces cleared 15 compounds at Pash Ziarat and 20 compounds at Salarai Shag near Kandai Sar. At Tauda China Khula a terrorists training centre has been discovered along with hate material and plenty of arms and ammunition including 10 IEDs.

Security forces carried out search operation at village Gashkor and Kalam and apprehended 2 suspects.

8 suspects voluntarily surrendered themselves to security forces at Shangwatai, Qambar and Kabal.