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No Tention: Musharraf on a joy trip to Italy and West Indies Islands

Sunday, August 2, 2009 Leave a Comment

Former President Pervez Musharraf along with his wife and close aides has left for Italy on through Caribbean Cruise on a joy trip while in Pakistan a 14-member Bench of the Supreme Court, has declared all the steps taken by former President Musharraf of 03rd Nov as extra-constitutional.

The former General’s eye browses are not even raised on this decision as he is still sticking to his stance that November 3 , 2007 actions were correct and in accordance with the law and he would continue to defend them.

To get some more fresh air he decided to visit Italy, after this former president Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf will also proceed to West Indies islands

He would return to London on August 10 on the conclusion of his joy trip and he had no intent to return to Pakistan at present. However he is kept informed about day-to-day proceedings of Supreme Court in regard to case against him.

Sources informed Pervez Musharraf was much displeased over his past allies as no one among them was supporting him in the prevailing situation particularly gulf between him and Chaudhrys of Gujarat had widened.