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Sherry Rehman entangles in delayed PIA flight at Lahore airport

Sunday, July 26, 2009 Leave a Comment

PIA’s flight PK-305 delayed in take-off at Lahore airport till late here on Sunday owing to engine failure, passengers including former Information Minister Sherry Rehman termed it ineligibility of PIA administration.

According to a private TV channel report PIA’s flight PK-305 has to left for Karachi at 06:00pm here Sunday, but at the notified time the passengers were informed that owing to some technical fault the plane will take-off at 08:00pm, but even at 08:00pm the Plane could not make take-off owing to pressure failure in plane engine.

Federal Population Minister Firdaus Ashiq Awan and former Information Minister Sherry Rehman were also included in the passengers of the plane.

Former Information Minister Sherry Rehman talking to a private TV channel stated that the plane was outdated and dilapidated and she has never witnessed such a take-off, as this plane was making.

She further stated that the behaviour of PIA’s administration was very irresponsible, as they did not create any other alternative for the entangled passengers.