Security forces recover 200 children being trained for suicide attacks

Monday, July 27, 2009 Leave a Comment

Security Forces have recovered 200 children being trained for suicide bombing here on Monday.

Private TV Channel has reported that recovered children belong to age group 6-13 and have been given into custody of security force, who have shifted them to an unknown place in Mardan.

It is reported that these children were recovered from different places amid the operation in a period of one month in Malakand division and terrorists had brainwashed these children for suicide attacks.

Official sources confirmed that number of the recovered children could rise. It has also been confirmed these children were administered injection daily for brainwashing by Taliban.

It is reported that some children were also handed over to parents but few children refused to stay with their parents and threatened them with dire consequences if they blocked their way. Sources told that security forces have started measures for brainwashing of these recovered children in order to turn them into common citizen.

NWFP Senior Minister, Bashir Ahmad Bilour while talking to Private TV Channel has said that commonly poor people use to send their children in Madrassahs as these Madrassahs provide food and boarding facilities. But the administrators of these religious seminaries and Madrassahs misused them after brainwashing.

Bashir Bilour said that these children were exposed to videocassettes and CDs, including verses from Quran, adding that" they have been brain washed to such an extreme that they even termed their parents as infidels, and some of the children were weeping and saying that they were supposed to carry suicide attack in Ramadan and will offer Eid Prayer in heavens.