'Secret negotiations succeeded between Sufi Muhammad & NWFP Govt'

Sunday, July 12, 2009 Leave a Comment

NWFP’s Provincial Minister elected from Malakund Division has succeeded in voiding the alleged differences between Sufi Muhammad (chief of banned Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi) and the NWFP’s Provincial Government.

Sources disclosed here Sunday that Maulana Sufi Muhammad along with his sons had shifted from Peshawar to Chakwal and were residing in a seminary there, while the relatives of Maulana Sufi Muhammad were residing in a hotel of Peshawar, who will also return to their native areas during the first-phase of IDPs return from 13th July.

Owing to the controversial statements from Maulana Sufi Muhammad differences has surfaced between the NWFP’s provincial Government and Maulana Sufi Muhammad, on which provincial Minister from Malakund Division has resorted to under the table negotiations with Maulana Sufi Muhammad to restore peace in the area and to void the differences between the provincial Government and Sufi Muhammad.

Sources informed that to ease the tension the Provincial Minister was negotiating with Maulana Sufi Muhammad and Provincial Government and he has succeeded in his preliminary endeavors, however the second phase of negotiations will be started after the return of IDPs to their respective areas.

While it was pertinent to mention that the provincial Government has expressed their ignorance regarding the secret negotiations between the provincial Minister and Maulana Sufi Muhammad.