Former President Musharraf defaulter of his electricity bill of Rs.5, 00,000/: MD, PEPCO

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Leave a Comment

Managing Director (MD) PEPCO Tahir Bisharat Cheema has disclosed that Former President Pervez Musharraf has not yet deposited his electricity bill of Rs. 5,00,000/ due to him owing to misuse of tariff.

While speaking in a private TV channel program here Wednesday, he informed that PEPCO will present its report regarding KESC to the Ministry today (Thursday), depicting the distribution of KESC as faulty.

He said that PECO has been providing 600 to 800 MW electricity to KESC, while KESC fulfills its further requirements itself, as total demand of KESC was 2400MW.

MD, PEPCO also reiterated that within one-week the ongoing extreme power crisis will be improved, as prevailing crisis has extended owing to closure of Mangla Power generation turbines and within a week overhead lines will be established and power generation from Mangla Dam will start again.

He further informed that within next six months the shortfall of 3800MW electricity would be recovered, as PEPCO has been initiating number of projects to relieve the masses from severe power outages and termed the ongoing power crisis for not establishing power generation stations during last couple of years.

MD, PEPCO also disclosed on the occasion that during last one year 23,500 consumers have been fined over misusing electricity through (Kundi) and in this connection PEPCO earned Rs. 4.5 billion from the fines of illegal consumers.