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Fake applications, visa: UK to ban entry for 10 years

Sunday, July 26, 2009 Leave a Comment

The British High Commission in Islamabad warned on Sunday applicants seeking UK visa to keep away from fake agents and follow rules, otherwise it could suspend applications and banned visa for 10 years.

Reliable sources told this Agency on Sunday that the move was taken to save the time of real applicants and avoid the fake applicants entering United Kingdom.

According to sources, fake agents and applicants provide wrong information to people for collecting money, which cause waste the time of real applicants.

The fact, sources said, was that getting visa through fake agents, preparation of wrong documents was unpardonable crime, which could ban the entry of the people into UK for 10 years.

According to sources, there was no fee on applicants' fee and all applicants were accepted on Gerry, adding, minimum time of application processing was four weeks for Mirpur Center, five weeks for Islamabad, six weeks for Lahore and Karachi, while UKBA wanted more reduction in it.