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Chelsea not getting married now, says Hillary

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 Leave a Comment

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has sought to dispel rumours that her daughter Chelsea is getting married, saying that wedding is not on cards "now". "

There are rumours about your daughter Chelsea getting married. Yes, or no?" she was asked in an interview with the Fox News. "If that is true, I do not know about it, so I hope the answer is no. "No, she's not. There is no truth to that. I keep reading it, and we keep saying, 'It's not true, it's not true. But for some reason it doesn't get away,'" the doting mother said.

Recent media reports in the US had claimed that the 29-year-old daughter of Hillary and former US President Bill Clinton may get married soon with longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky, who is a Goldman Sachs investment banker. Clinton said she had a lot of experience with rumours. "Shutting down rumours is certainly not something I know how to do," she said.

"Someday she will get married, and we look forward to that. It's just not now," the interviewer said.

"Not now, not now," Clinton said.