Bodies of couple found from Sector G-6 Islamabad

Friday, July 24, 2009 Leave a Comment

Police has found bodies of a couple from a car, which was parked in a garage of a house in Sector G-6 of Islamabad.

The police upon complaints of neighbors of foul smell coming from house no 1164, street #49 of Sector G-6/1 opened up the house and found dead bodies of a man and a woman inside a parked car.

The bodies were 4 to 5 days old and the blood oozing out of their wounds had dried up.

According to police sources, the initial findings suggested that both were shot dead as several bullet marks were found on their bodies.

The deceased were identified as Muhammad Umer (22) whose body was found along with a Girl Rahila (22) was an employee of foreign embassy in Islamabad.

Deceased Muhammad Umair was missing for his house last 4 days and his abduction case was registered in civil line Police station of Rawalpindi. The house where the bodies were recovered is said to be of Umair.

The girl Rahila was a resident of Sector E-8 and belonged to Mansehra.

Police have registered a case and started investigation.