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Police arrest a man and Hijra who were marrying

Thursday, June 25, 2009 Leave a Comment

Police has arrested a man who was marrying with eunuch (Hijra) in district Badeen.

According to BBC someone told local police of Badeen that a man Allah Bachayo was illegally marrying with a eunuch named Sharbat Fakeer.

When police reached the said place they saw Allah Bachayo and Sharbat Fakeer who put Mehndi on their hands. Sharbat Fakeer was wearing a red dress whereas some of their friends were also attending the ceremony.

In custody of police Allah Bachayo, said that eunuch ( Hijra) have hosted this ceremony just for fun and there was no Nikkah has been made during this.

He did not talk about the Mehndi on their hands and that why Sharbat Fakeer was wearing a red dress but he said “we are friends since 15 years and I will not lie because no one is sinless in this world”.

Allah Bachyao is a labor and Sharbat Fakeer lives in his neighborhood.

Sharbat Fakeer has said that the group of Malkani made him their group member and this ceremony was actually to receive gifts and his Guru also gave him a pair of gold rings.

Sharbat said that Nikah of eunuch is not possible.

A local journalist who was also attending that ceremony said that all the ceremony was held like a marriage.

According to him another eunuch Saima Fakeer made an agreement in which it was mentioned that Sharbat Fakeer is now given to Allah Bachayo and both of them are now partners whereas Allah Bachayo has also given a goat to Sharbat Fakeer.

Police has not filled an FIR yet and saying that the medical of both of them has been taken and after its report we will take our next step. If it is only about friendship then there is nothing wrong in it.

Eunuchs in Pakistan normally live an un-known life and no one knows about their life standards and their ceremony. The Supreme Court has already given an order to registered the Hijras all around Pakistan.