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Kings of the World Rich Living Monarchs and their Royal Residences

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Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard – Queen of Netherlands
Queen Beatrix Armgard, the queen of Netherlands, has a net asset worth of 300 million US$. The queen is rumoured to have stepped down so that his eldest son can ascend the throne. This will make her son the first Dutch king in over a century. Huis ten Bosch Palace is the official royal palace of the queen.
Official residence: Huis ten Bosch Palace


Elizabeth II – Queen of U.K.
Queen Elizabeth II is the oldest living emperor in the history of United Kingdom at the age of 82. Her net worth is 650 million US$. She plans to rule until she becomes physically unable. The Buckingham palace is the official residence of the royals. It is also a site for hosting state occasions and welcoming international guests. The palace, having 775 rooms, is kept open for visitors on a regular basis.
Official residence: Buckingham Palace


Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud – King of Saudi Arabia
The 84-year-old king of Saudi Arabia is worth over US$ 21 billion. King Abdullah is known for his benevolence. He bore the entire expenditure of operation of Polish conjoined twins. He was reciprocated with “honorary citizenship” of the Polish town where the twins were born. The King’s palace in Riyadh is more than 1 sq. mile in area. The palace has polished stone walkways and serene water bodies. The pink palatial buildings are true architectural marvels.
Official residence: King’s Palace in Riyadh


Harald V – King of Norway
Harald V is the king of Norway. The king has no real powers, but only ceremonial authority. He resides in the Royal Palace in Oslo. The palace was built in the first half of the 19th century.
Official residence: Royal Palace, Oslo


Mohammed VI – King of Morroco Morocco’s King Mohammed VI and Princess Lalla Salma
The 46-year-old Moroccan king has asset strength of 1.5 billion US$. The king is reputed for his drive to modernize the society and inject a culture of accountability. He has tried to eradicate poverty from Moroccan society. The Royal Palace in Rabat is open to the public. The king has a personal mosque within the palatial complex. The palace is famous for its lush green gardens and the entrance gates are truly majestic.
Official residence: Royal Palace in Rabat


Abdullah II – King of Jordan
King Abdullah is the constitutional head of Jordon and retains substantial power. He has contributed greatly to the economic revival of the country and he is applauded for his pro-reform outlook. He is an alumnus of the Oxford University. The Raghadan Palace is the official residence of the King.
Official residence: Raghadan Palace

The Sultan of Brunei
The 62-year Sultan of Brunei, the 29th heir to the throne of an unbroken 600-year-old Muslim dynasty, has a net asset worth of $20 billion. The Sultan has anything between 3000 to 6000 cars in his collection. The Istana Nurul Iman palace, the Sultan’s official residence, provides visitors a spectacular sight. It is the biggest palace in the world, much bigger than the Vatican palace. US$ 350 million was spent in erecting the palace. It has 1788 rooms, 257 bathrooms and the total floor area is 2,152,782 sq. feet.
Official residence: Istana Nurul Iman Palace


Albert II – King of Belgium
Albert, the king of Belgium, is the titular head of state. He symbolizes the entire nation and appoints the Belgian cabinet after an election. The Royal Palace in Brussels, known as Palais Royal, is the King’s palace. However, he prefers to live in Chateau de Laeken. The Royal palace is a neo-classic architectural marvel. It is open to public during summer.
Official residence: Royal Palace in Brussels


Norodom Sihamoni – King of Combodia
Norodom Sihamoni is the king of Combodia, although under the present constitution, he has no real power. The royal palace of Phnom Penh is his official residence. The palace was constructed over a century ago and it hosts all major ceremonial functions of the country. Foreign dignitaries also stay here.
Official residence: Royal Palace of Phnom Penh


Henri – Grand Duke of Luxemburg
Henri, the Grand Duke, is the head of the state of Luxemburg. He is known for his anti-euthanasia stands. Interestingly, he is a member of the International Olympic committee. The Grand Ducal Palace is his official residence. It is an awesome palace, located in the middle of the city. Built in 1572 as a town hall, it has become a palace replete with history.
Official residence: The Grand Ducal Palace


Akihito – the Emperor of Japan
Emperor Akihito is the 125th emperor of Japan. His rule is now merely ceremonial. The king is considered to be a direct descendent of God. The Imperial Palace in Tokyo is the official residence of the emperor. It is open to the public on just two days of the year – January 2, when the king wishes New Year to his subjects, and on December 23rd – his birthday.
Official residence: Imperial Palace in Tokyo


Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk – The Dragon king of Bhutan
Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchukm is the Dragon king of the secluded Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. The Oxford-educated bachelor of 28 years is the youngest reigning monarch in the world. The Tashichoedzong Palace is the official residence of the royal family. The palace houses the government and the central clergy of monks. It remains open to the public during festivals, weekends, and after office hours.
Official residence: Tashichoedzong Palace


Sheikh Sabah Al-Sabah – Emir of Kuwait
It is interesting to note that Sheikh Sabah Al Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait, does not have a royal blood. He was the foreign minister of Kuwait and ascended to the throne in 2006 after the crown prince became too ill to rule. The royal wealth is estimated at 500 million US$. However, his wealth comes in the form of a stipend. He is promoting economic reforms in Kuwait currently. Dar Salwa palace is the official residence of the Emir.
Official residence: “Dar Salwa” Palace


Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani – Emir of Qatar
Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani and his daughter and chief of staff Sheikha (Princess) Hind Bint Hamad Al Thani
Sheikh Hamad, Emir of Qatar is aged 56 and worth 2 billion US$. Sheikh Hamad is instrumental in developing Qatar’s oil and natural gas resources. His fame is also attributed to the modernization of the country’s armed forces. His Royal Palace is in Doha. He does not live there. The palace is mainly used for parliamentary affairs and for receiving guests.
Official residence: Royal Palace in Doha


  • naruto said:  

    I think most of these Royal's aren't necessarily bad people. I particularly like Bhutan's Buhddhist Monk King.

    Japan's Emperor Akihito has been very forthcoming about his father's War Crimes and has admitted that he has Korean Blood in him.

    Some of the Arab Oil kings need to follow the British Example and give up all power to an elected parliament though. I guess Jordan's King is doing a decent job of this though.

    But, that bastard from Brunei not only looks like a Psychotic but, is one in reality as well. He needs to be removed.