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58 percent Pakistani callers involved in Phone Sex,audio tape of a Pakistan’s cellular company leaks out

Sunday, May 10, 2009 Leave a Comment

An audio tape of a Pakistan’s local cellular company has been leaked out and it revealed that 58 percent callers in these recordings have been involved in Phone Sex.
The tape has around 1340 different recordings all over Pakistan most of these callers seem youngster from their voices who not only talk with their mates but also have Phone Sex. It’s not clear yet that which cellular companies’ audio tape was it.
98 percent of these recordings are after 12 Am night and the time duration of these audio recordings are from 12 to 45 minutes.
Pakistan currently has 4 mobile companies and more than half of country’s population is getting benefits from these companies.
Though every sector is struck by the raising inflation which shook up the citizens of Pakistan but somehow the sector of telecommunication remains safe and the cellular companies who-- from their nascence, continuously decreases its rates and also introduced smart packages but all these packages were suitable for youngsters than other mobile users.

These low call and SMS rates provided by the companies has phenomenally increased the usage of cell phone among youngsters who, these days, spend most of their time in messaging or calling to their family and friends without any particular reason.
These few recordings could easily tells that how the future of Pakistan “the youngsters” destroying themselves in these negatives things.
These night packages provided by the companies not only destroying their future but also their health which they cant understand until a ban on these night time packages be put by the authorities.


  • Pak Economy Watch said:  

    good information but who will verify it? definitely no one so what is credibility of such news? Kindly before posting such news you people should also disclosed the source of news which should also be reliable as well.................

  • fx said:  

    where is the link to download this tape.

  • Anonymous said:  

    lolz @ fx

  • Anonymous said:  

    lolz @ fx

  • Sunny said:  

    In pakistan according to my knowledge 90 percent ppl have cell phones.including olders.now mostly ppl sleep around 12:00am. What's wrong in it? 2ndly, i don't understand the term "phone sex" ppl can have sexual conversation which I condem.perents supposed to take care of their kids.but i don't think that this can destroy our nation or their future.these things r a part of every society.but i m not agree with the percentage u r giving us.

  • YSiddiqui said:  

    After reading all these comments, I think people don't taking it very positively maybe they are in one of 58%, anyways these are the minor issues destroying the nations so always consider Positive and Negative aspects so that we can conclude better.

    If these kind of stuff is part of society so why they not doing this in front of there family members?

    As my Opinion the Percentage will very accurate, don't we know that how many people in our circle as well doing this kind of activities?

    I'm 100% agreed to ban these Night Packages.

  • waqas said:  

    parents should give their childrens postpaids sim so that they could check their phone records ! this is 21st century we should start monitering our chils activity coz every parent thinks their son/daughter are innocent !! may ALLAH help us AAMEEN