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Ali Kurd sweeps SCBA elections

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 Leave a Comment

According to the un-official results of the SCBA (Supreme Court Bar Association) elections 2008-9, the popular leader of the lawyers' fraternity, Ali Ahmad Kurd has won by obtaining a massive 1002 votes, against 481 votes by the official candidate, M. Zafar.

Eight polling stations were established Nationwide to oversee the neck-to-neck competition between two rivals, in which 1724 lawyers exercised their voting mandate, was however ultimately won by Kurd.

From Lahore district, Ali Kurd representing the Professional panel netted 542 votes as compared to 220 for his rival M. Zafar, Multan region offered 34 votes for Kurd while M. Zafar got 25, Peshawar gifted Kurd with 62 while his rival got 37, Hazara division gave 16 as compared to 14 for his rival, Quetta gave Kurd 44 while M. Zafar gained 18, Bahawalpur rejected Kurd with a mere 18 compared to favorable 23 for m. Zafar, Karachi favored Kurd with a whopping 132, humbling M. Zafar with 75, while Islamabad which posted the most delayed non-official results , resulted in 146 votes for a victorious Kurd as compared to 69 for M. Zafar.

Ali Ahmad Kurd had the blessings and support of leading figures of lawyers' fraternity movement, while such prominent figures like Chaudhry Aitizaz Ahsan had also lobbied for his success.

The lawyers' projected frenzied and joyous celebrations upon the victory of their favorite Kurd, raising vociferous slogans in favor of reinstatement of deposed judiciary, and danced to the wild beating of traditional drums, while lugging Chaudhry Aitizaz and Kurd on their shoulders.

Hafiz S. A. Rehman had been appointed as returning officer to monitor the election process, while presiding officers included Raja Muhammad Bashir in Islamabad, Abdul Jamal Mandokheel in Peshawar, Qazi Muhammad Amin in Lahore, Muhammad Aslam in Karachi, Muzzafar Leghari in Multan, and Athar Shah Bukhari in Bahawalpur.

He official candidate had full support of Pakistan Bar Council, besides official support, while Attorney general Sardar Latif Khosa, and federal Law minister Farooq .H. Naik lobbied on his behalf.