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Sarah Palin and the Pakistan's Charming New Foreign Policy Turn

Friday, September 26, 2008 Leave a Comment

Zardari Sahib is being unfairly criticized for not even waiting for Benazir’s grave flowers to dry up before he is found using words as “gorgeous” “Willing to embrace” for yet another tall fair spectacled lady , I mean words used for the VP candidate Sarah Palin of the Republican party in the USA. As shown on TV .

Even To begin with , Our land was always never short of charmers and the enchanted folks but lately our foreign policy has taken an informal turn, for example our respected former PM shortcut Aziz wanted to get close to Condy Rice but bad stars prevailed or may be she was too clever to fall for this Desi charmer she being a shortcut route searcher herself .

For us Pakistanis , Now This represents either Bravado or Desperation , It seems our president is even willing to be a sacrificial lamb to save his country from the wrath of USA , he is trying to settle matters with powerful women of our master power . His gesture of offer of this “supreme sacrifice” must be seen in proper light . After all he is the same president who claimed he was regular “Tahajat” Prayer while in captivity . So this cannot be all uncontrolled Libido . All this is for utter good of the nation .But then May be he too like Musharaf takes pride in nothing else except Taboo violation . May be he is telling media that he cares two hoots for likes of Qazi , Fazl and all the self styled Islamicists of Pakistan who are malleable professional stuff.

But historically this turn of foreign policy is again not new , Our grotesque foreign policy was never different , Sikander Mirza’s Son Married the daughter of American Envoy to Pakistan . Bhutto married second time to Benazir’s Mother and got close to Iranian lady circle of Sikander Mirza whom he served as minister .

Our Military dictators were no different except perhaps Gen .Zia but he too used cricket diplomacy whilst Rajiv was contemplating attack .

Word Grotesque diplomacy was invented for post elder Bhutto PPP. Take for example PPP’s handling of Kashmir , this was always unconventional , just imagine newly appointed Fazl ur Rahman in hot argument with western leaders about Kashmir in Arabic , whose committee he heads . Prior to that late Nawabzada Nasrullah who had better credentials for Kashmir Committee chairman -, except that he like Fazl’s ancestors were not pre-partition Muslim leaguers and rather pro congress - was found arguing with foreign custom people for clearance of his “hookah” fuel on airports .

One other diplomacy also exists , this we are charged by India and her allies , this is Bomb diplomacy , both countries never seem to have enough of it , when seen in that context our Zardari is a lot softer , utterly civilized , 100% along with local traditions of charming , knows what he is doing and must be given a chance , afterall not everybody is one hate worthy disappointing , Bush glued Dr. Rice .Our rugged old stallion might click and save the kingdom albeit one objection , the lady Sarah is since long married with kids .

This diplomacy is once again reminiscent of elder Bhutto’s remark about Indira Gandhi’s “Saris” in 1970s and Nusrat Bhuttos Ball room dance with Gerald Ford . Zardari clan is proving they too are infact Bhuttos and that is what actually matters . God Bless his thoughts in holiest of month Ramazan , though it being the month of embracing God not Palins of this world .

Also Long live Islamic Pakistan and its charmers , gurus , stallions and dynamic widowers of Zardari Brand .Who knows one day Sarah Palin might visit us , afterall in one new youtube video a priest is praying for her to be protected from witchcraft and she is standing still as a pupil invoking on herself antiwitch blessing . Now again Who has largest number of Jinn and witch removers in the world , yes it is Pakistan , so Zardari knew what he was doing afterall .